Provide a unique, personalized experience to every shopper
With a few questions, we determine the user’s shopping preferences as well as their right size and fit, creating a customized shopping experience where the user only sees relevant items.
Find the right clothes, in the right size, fast
We’ve developed the first simplified sizing matchmaker that uses the shopper’s height and weight to determine their body shape and what clothes will fit them.
Our Solutions
We’ve developed simple, shopper centric solutions, to help brands increase sales and reduce returns while improving their customers’ experience.
Our Technology
Why integrate
Offering the incorrect products to shoppers hits your P&L and brand image directly:
Lost sales
Shoppers spend $3,300 per year and return $1,320 (40%)
58% of all returns are beacuse the item is the wrong size or fit
Wasted time
248 million people in the U.S. (76%) spend on average 260 hours/year searching for clothes that will fit
Why integrate
Offering the incorrect products to shoppers hits your P&L and brand image directly:
With just the user’s height and weight, Estylar determines what garments will fit the user. The process takes only a few seconds.
Customer experience
Shoppers don’t always have the ability to do a body scan as they might be on the go. Having a simplified solution improves the customer experience.
Improve sales and reduce returns
By offering customers the right size and fitting clothes, retailers improve conversion rates while reducing returns.
Help shoppers live a unique shopping experience by only seeing relevant (and fitting content)
Our personalization algorithm determines the shoppers size, shape and preferred styles to create a personalized experience that shows each shopper relevant items, optimising the shopping experience.
Our technology
We use a multi agent recommendation engine based on individual and collective user interactions, user measurements, user clustering and user and product similarity, that learns over time.
— A Vectorial space where we manage all our users and products.
— A K-medioids algorithm for clustering users and products.
— A K nearest neighbours algorithm for finding similar users.
For user clustering and similarity we developed an algorithm based on:
For finding product similarity we use:
— A Neural network for finding 1550 key components in images.
— A Multidimensional vectorial space for measuring similarity between garments in an euclidean space.
Key features
Fitting items
We use our patented matching algorithm to determine which items will fit the user based on their body shape.
Right size
Our personalization tool only shows shoppers items that are available in their size.
Relevant styles
Using an advanced algorithm, we determine the shopper’s favorite styles to only show them relevant items.
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Full Name
We are passionate about technology and innovation.
We have expertise in fashion, marketing, augmented reality and entrepreneurship.
The “ah-ha” moment was a seed planted in New York City during a fashion trade show. We saw a real need to help brands reduce returns, become more sustainable, and increase online sales.
eSTYLAR is the result of our love for innovation, fashion and entrepreneurship. The journey of discovery began by solving a major pain point for online shoppers. People don’t know what size to order, every brand has a different size chart, and shoppers can not visualize how garments will look or fit on their body type.

What if there was a better way to shop online?
What if you could see exactly how an item would fit?
What if you knew exactly what size to order? What if it was easy to use, accurate, and efficient?

The roots of our idea traveledspread between Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our entire team values communication, continuous improvement, commitment, and #Funship. As a curious team driven by curiosity, we thrive to develop knowledge through learning.
Who we are
We are a passionate team of experienced engineers, entrepreneurs and fashion enthusiasts looking to help the industry reduce its footprint by matching shoppers to fitting clothes, reducing waste as well as returns.
Daniel Salcedo
Matias Gath
Founder & Executive Chairman
Augusto Chessini
Hernán Patrón Costas
Head of Engineering
Nahuel Oiberman
Algorithm expert
Leandro Lomónaco
Full Stack developer
Carolina Beccaria
UX/UI Graphic Designer
Verónica Castro
Content Manager
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Body scanning solution
An advanced, yet simple, body scanning solution to find fitting garments.
Find fitting clothes with a simple questionnaire.
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Personalization algorithm
In a few clicks, our technology targets each customer’s specific preferences.
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Accurate Body scanning made simple
With just two pictures, our patented body scanning technology determines the shopper’s measurements as well as body shape to recommend fitting garments.
It’s about the fit, not just the size
58% of returns are due to the wrong fit (not size).
eSTYLAR is the only scanning technology that determines body shape to match shoppers with fitting clothes.
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Shopify integration
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Custom integration
Contact us to integrate eSTYLAR into your site, we’ll do the legwork for you.
Our technology
We use three different neural networks to obtain the first set of measurements:
Pose Estimation
To accurately find the body position and every keypoint we need to find their fit and to avoid overlapping errors at body joints
Background removal:
To minimize any type of misreading, we’ve developed a unique technology that removes the user’s background with a high precision human segmentation network, using leading industry advances.
Body segmentation
Our technology detects each body part we want to measure by segmenting measurements for higher precision.
For higher accuracy, we use two sets of kalman filters (one using previous measurements and the other a Multigaussian Variate distribution, both trained with over 80k measurements) to clean the measurements from possible outlier errors.
How are we different
Our body recognition tech has a error margin of <1/3 inch (1cm)
Patented Algorithm
eStylar is the only patented technology with more than 110.000 users scanned
Body Shape (vs. Size)
eStylars’ patented technology is the only one that determined body shape as well as size.
Our technology is the only one that scans the body without sharing any pictures taken ensuring users’ privacy
A scanning process that takes <15 seconds determines the person body shape and size in each garment
Unique tech that determines shape
We’ve created the only technology that determines body shape to match shoppers with garments that will look fitting.
+79.000 shoppers scanned
and +8.000 users scanned live, creating a uniquely trained algorithm.
Only privacy compliant tech
We’ve created the only technology that scans the user’s image on their phone, never acquiring their pictures, safeguarding their privacy.
Increase sales
42% of online shoppers claim that they aren't sure what size to buy when shopping online. Companies that are able to suggest customers what size to wear, increase sales by 15%.
Reduce returns
40% of purchases made online are returned and over 58% of returns are due to wrong size or fit. Help customers find the right size and reduce returns (and increase sales while you are at it).
Reduce CO2 Impact
The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry worldwide. Help reduce CO2 impact by reducing returns (which lead to CO2 emmissions and clothes going to landfill).
Why integrate eSTYLAR?
Simple size advisor to determine right size and fit
Our questionnaire solution is a simple, non-invasive, solution that increases a shopper’s confidence by suggesting the right size with two simple questions.
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Custom integration
Contact us to integrate eSTYLAR into your site, we’ll do the legwork for you.
Our technology
For higher accuracy, we use two sets of kalman filters to clean the measurements from possible outlier errors:
— Using 17k previous measurements and their real-life errors.
— Using a Multigaussian Variate distribution, trained with a neural network feed with over 80k body measurements.
We generate a unique set of products for each user, managing millions of database entries.
We developed an algorithm for finding user match in an O(log(n)) time complexity.