Simple size advisor to determine right size and fit

Our questionnaire solution is a simple, non-invasive, solution that increases a shopper’s confidence by suggesting the right size with two simple questions.
Our technology
For higher accuracy, we use two sets of kalman filters to clean the measurements from possible outlier errors:

— Using 17k previous measurements and their real-life errors.
— Using a Multigaussian Variate distribution, trained with a neural network feed with over 80k body measurements.

We generate a unique set of products for each user, managing millions of database entries.
We developed an algorithm for finding user match in an O(log(n)) time complexity.
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Custom integration

Contact us to integrate eSTYLAR into your site, we’ll do the legwork for you.

Find the right clothes, in the right size, fast
We’ve developed the first simplified sizing matchmaker that uses the shopper’s height and weight to determine their body shape and what clothes will fit them.
Why integrate
Offering the incorrect products to shoppers hits your P&L and brand image directly:

Improve sales and reduce returns

By offering customers the right size and fitting clothes, retailers improve conversion rates while reducing returns.


With just the user’s height and weight, Estylar determines what garments will fit the user. The process takes only a few seconds.

Customer experience

Shoppers don’t always have the ability to do a body scan as they might be on the go. Having a simplified solution improves the customer experience.