Help shoppers live a unique shopping experience by only seeing relevant (and fitting content)
Our personalization algorithm determines the shoppers size, shape and preferred styles to create a personalized experience that shows each shopper relevant items, optimising the shopping experience.
Key features
Fitting items

We use our patented matching algorithm to determine which items will fit the user based on their body shape.

Relevant styles

Using an advanced algorithm, we determine the shopper’s favorite styles to only show them relevant items.

Right size

Our personalization tool only shows shoppers items that are available in their size.

Our technology
We use a multi agent recommendation engine based on individual and collective user interactions, user measurements, user clustering and user and product similarity, that learns over time.
For user clustering and similarity we developed an algorithm based on:

— A Vectorial space where we manage all our users and products.
— A K-medioids algorithm for clustering users and products.
— A K nearest neighbours algorithm for finding similar users.

For finding product similarity we use:

— A Neural network for finding 1550 key components in images.
— A Multidimensional vectorial space for measuring similarity between garments in an euclidean space.

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Custom integration

Contact us to integrate eSTYLAR into your site, we’ll do the legwork for you.

Provide a unique, personalized experience to every shopper
With a few questions, we determine the user’s shopping preferences as well as their right size and fit, creating a customized shopping experience where the user only sees relevant items.