We are passionate about technology and innovation.
The “ah-ha” moment was a seed planted in New York City during a fashion trade show. We saw a real need to help brands reduce returns, become more sustainable, and increase online sales.

eSTYLAR is the result of our love for innovation, fashion and entrepreneurship. The journey of discovery began by solving a major pain point for online shoppers. People don’t know what size to order, every brand has a different size chart, and shoppers can not visualize how garments will look or fit on their body type.

What if there was a better way to shop online?
What if you could see exactly how an item would fit?
What if you knew exactly what size to order? What if it was easy to use, accurate, and efficient?

The roots of our idea traveledspread between Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our entire team values communication, continuous improvement, commitment, and #Funship. As a curious team driven by curiosity, we thrive to develop knowledge through learning.

Who we are
We have expertise in fashion, marketing, augmented reality and entrepreneurship.