Accurate Body scanning made simple
With just two pictures, our patented body scanning technology determines the shopper’s measurements as well as body shape to recommend fitting garments.
It’s about the fit, not just the size
58% of returns are due to the wrong fit (not size).
eSTYLAR is the only scanning technology that determines body shape to match shoppers with fitting clothes.
Why integrate
Offering the incorrect products to shoppers hits your P&L and brand image directly:
Wasted time

248 million people in the U.S. (76%) spend on average 260 hours/year searching for clothes that will fit

Lost sales

Shoppers spend $3,300 per year and return $1,320 (40%)


58% of all returns are beacuse the item is the wrong size or fit

How are we different

A scanning process that takes <15 seconds determines the person body shape and size in each garment


Our body recognition tech has a error margin of <1/3 inch (1cm)

Patented Algorithm

eStylar is the only patented technology with more than 110.000 users scanned

Body Shape (vs. Size)

eStylars’ patented technology is the only one that determined body shape as well as size.


Our technology is the only one that scans the body without sharing any pictures taken ensuring users’ privacy

Our technology
We use three different neural networks to obtain the first set of measurements:
Body segmentation

Our technology detects each body part we want to measure by segmenting measurements for higher precision.

Pose Estimation

To accurately find the body position and every keypoint we need to find their fit and to avoid overlapping errors at body joints

Background removal:

To minimize any type of misreading, we’ve developed a unique technology that removes the user’s background with a high precision human segmentation network, using leading industry advances.

For higher accuracy, we use two sets of kalman filters (one using previous measurements and the other a Multigaussian Variate distribution, both trained with over 80k measurements) to clean the measurements from possible outlier errors.
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